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Firstly I am very thankful to Dubai Talent Magazine for helping me find my desired Job in UAE. As a first step I requested my Job Wanted Card from Dubai Talent Magazine and then used it online to place my profile in the Magazine. As soon as I placed my profile, it was published in the Magazine within few days. It was really quick. And within no time I started to receive calls from many companies/employers. Its amazing to note that within one week, I got a job offer as a Quantity Surveyor Engineer in one of the reputable companies in Abu Dhabi and was offered the salary I always wanted.

Again, I am much thankful to Dubai Talent Magazine for supporting me in my job search and helping me land my dream job in Dubai.

Ivy Angeles,
Quantity Surveyer / QS Engineer,
Metallic Equipment Co. L.L.C
I registered in Dubai Talent Magazine and after two months I got a position I wanted and signed a contract with an Architural and Engineering firm. I recommend Dubai Talent Magazine to everyone. Placing my Profile in Dubai Talent Magazine helped me stand out from others. Applying through ordinary job sites wasn't helping me find a Job in Dubai. I'm proud that a decision to place my profile in this jobseekers employment Magazine was a wonderful idea. This way I was able to showcase my profile to the hiring manager directly and got noticed.

I would say thanks a million to Dubai Talent Magazine (DTM).

Bereket Abebe,
International Consultants and Engineers
My experience with Dubai Talent Magazine was pretty good. I was already employed in Dubai when I registered in Dubai Talent Magazine. I was working for Ivory Grand Hotel Apartment. I was looking for a better job and a better salary and no other website was helping me find it. So, I decided to give Dubai Talent Magazine a try as it appeared promising to me. I finally requested DTM's Job Wanted Card and they delivered it to my location. Later, then I used my card to create a profile in DTM and it was published in the Magazine and a copy of the Magazine was emailed to me very fast. Within a short period of time I started to get a response from many companies and got hired within 30 days.

It makes me really happy that Dubai Talent Magazine worked for me, specially because it helped me find the Job and salary that I was searching. Thank you DTM.

Avinash Harishbhai,
I felt very lucky to be part of Dubai Talent Magazine since the day I joined. I went through the similar process as of everyone. I requested my job wanted card and then used it online to create and submit my profile for the Magazine. In a very short period of time, my profile was published and I was able to review a copy of the Magazine after logging into my account. Everything was very transparent, simple and clear. I start getting calls within 2 weeks of joining, and also landed a job as a Logistics officer. Having experience the sincerity by DTM's team and continuous follow-up's on e-mail and phone on my employment status, was quite impressive. It showed how much they cared about the success of us as job-seekers. I would say that Dubai Talent Magazine is a fantastic way of getting a Job in Dubai, since the traditional way of looking for a job using just any job board site is very very competitive and doesn't helps you stand out like a Star as we do in DTM. I am much thankful to DTM's team for every bit of support.

Faralou M.
Logistics Officer,
I got to know about Dubai Talent Magazine by searching online and came across their website. The moment I read the step by step instructions on the website I believed that Dubai Talent Magazine can work for me as other job sites were not working for me at all. So Dubai Talent Magazine became my big hope. I quickly requested for their Job Wanted Ad Card so that I can place my profile in the Magazine. I received the card the very next day at my address and used it to create my profile on Dubai Talent Magazine's website. Everything was quite easy and very soon my profile was published in the Magazine. I got many interview calls and was offered a job at one of the leading Exchange companies in UAE within a short period of time. I felt so glad that I became part of Dubai Talent Magazine. I'm very grateful to Dubai Talent Magazine for helping me find the job and salary I desired. I would like thank all the team members of DTM who are working hard to help us get the right job in Dubai.

Lichelle Rose
Counter Staff,
Al Ansar Exchange
There are only 3 words to best describe my gratefulness and that is: "Dubai, Talent, Magazine". These THREE words in itself are a promise to success.

It was quite difficult to find a Job in Dubai all on my own and without any help until my friend told me about DTM. My job hunting process has never been easier the way it has been with Dubai Talent Magazine.

I got hired through DTM and now I am working as a Nurse for one of the reputable Medical Centers in Dubai. My family and I are very grateful to Dubai Talent Magazine. My gratitude and thankfulness for DTM are beyond words, for helping me find such a good job opportunity in Dubai.

Thank you again for making the hiring process so much easier and doing wonders in our lives.

Sheila Mae
Sultan Al Olama Medical Center
I am extremely delighted to share my success story with everyone who is part of DTM or wanting to be part of DTM.

My Job search in Dubai got started in the month of January 2015. I arrived on visit visa just like any other ordinary job candidate and had multiple feelings of fear, excitement, aloneness, and unfamiliarity about whats going to happen next and whether I would be able to find the right work opportunity within the short validity period of my visit visa. I continued to apply for a job the whole first month through different job sites and struggled running around from one place to another but there was no success. After all the long struggle, at one point I said to myself that life is really hard. You don't get what you want so easily. Not knowing what else to do other than continuing to apply for a Job, I became hopeless. Right at that time I came across Dubai Talent Magazine's website. I was quite hopeful to see that their concept of helping people find a job in dubai is totally different and unique. So I immediately signed up to get my own Job Wanted Card, which was delivered to me within 2 working days. I used it online to create my profile on DTM's website and my profile was published in their Magazine very soon. Shortly after 3 days, I got my first call from the company based in Dubai who saw my profile in Dubai Talent Magazine and to my surprise this was the same reputable company which I had on my mind and wanted to work with. I was requested to come in for an interview in person and was later offered a Job that I joyfully accepted. I am now working as an Insurance Claim Coordinator at the International Modern Hospital, the one of the most prestigious hospital in Dubai.

You may say this is just another testimonial but to me this is big success for me and this was made possible only with the help of Dubai Talent Magazine. I am extremely thankful to the team of Dubai Talent Magazine for helping me get my dream job in Dubai and I know thank you won't be enough, but I am truly grateful for the amazing work people at DTM are doing and bringing success to every individuals life. I highly recommend all job seekers out there to be part of Dubai Talent Magazine and get your dream job. Dubai Talent Magazine all my best wishes to you and your team and I'll be forever grateful to you.

Mary Kay
Insurance Coordinator,
International Modern Hospital
My success story begins when one of my dear friend suggested me about Dubai Talent Magazine website and advised me that if i'm looking for jobs in Dubai then I should place my CV/Profile in Dubai Talent Magazine. Once I came to know about it, I immediately logged on to: http://dubaitalentmagazine.com and read about how it works. I was quite impressed to see their amazing concept of placing and advertising an ordinary job seeker's CV/Profile in the Magazine. I thought wow, this would really help me build great reputation and its much better than applying for jobs online and not getting any response from anywhere. So finally I decided to make this smart move and submitted a request for the job wanted card on Dubai Talent Magazine's website, so that I can create and publish my profile on DTM. The Dubai Talent Magazine's job wanted card was delivered to my address within two working days. As soon as I created my profile using the card, it was published in the magazine really fast. I got to see the status and the copy of the magazine with my published profile and I really liked it. In the next stage, I started to get lots of interview calls and then received 4 job offers. Among those 4 job offers one of them was from the hotel "Le Royal Meridian Hotel" in Dubai Marina. I was offered a Job as a Recreation Assistant with them. I decided to go ahead and accept this offer and was quite happy that I chose Dubai Talent Magazine to find a Job in Dubai. My wish was fulfilled. I would say it was the easiest way to get myself noticed by the companies in Dubai and land a job that I really wanted. I recommend Dubai Talent Magazine to every job-seeker in the UAE who is looking for a Job in Dubai. Dubai Talent Magazine respects you and makes you feel really important. Its way better than other online sites where you have no one to help you. I am immensely thankful to Dubai Talent Magazine for continuously staying in touch with me, and for offering all the support that I needed during my job search. My best wishes to DTM's team. Wilfred Wandoh Recreation Assistant, Le Royal Meridian Hotel Dubai
Thank You to Dubai Talent Magazine.
Thank You to Dubai Talent Magazine.
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